Soldiers arrest thirteen year old Palestinian boy in Hebron, oPT

Hebron, oPT
April 15, 2012

13 year old boy arrested at night in Hebron, April 14On the night of April 14, Israeli soldiers in Hebron took a thirteen year old boy from his house, blindfolded and handcuffed him and closed him inside a nearby checkpoint container for 20 minutes.
The soldiers then walked him, still blindfolded and handcuffed, to another checkpoint a block away and shut him into that checkpoint box. After about 15 minutes they walked him to an Israeli Army Base. Internationals who tried to follow were stopped by soldiers who called them “nazi pigs”. Several adult armed settlers were also present and were aggressive and threatening. (Video Here)
After another 15 minutes soldiers put the boy in a military jeep and drove him to checkpoint 56, and released him to Palestinian officials on the other side.
The report Occupied Childhoods released last week by CPT documents violations of the human rights of children in occupied Hebron in recent months.