Israeli Military arrest 13 year Palestinian boy from playground

IMG_0855[1]HEBRON, Palestine – On the morning of October 29, 2014, Israeli forces made an incursion into the Motanabi school in Hebron, near the illegal Jewish settlement of Kiryat Arba.

The Israeli military detained two young Palestinians and arrested one. The Israelis arrested Bara Araf Jebal, 13 years old, for allegedly throwing rocks from the school playground at an iron shelled military outpost some 400 yards from the school.

During the arrest, the Israeli military transported Bara Araf Jebal in the armored vehicle without his parents being present or notified. The Israeli forces dropped him off approximately one kilometer from the school and was forced to walk back. According to reports, he was physically abused and coerced while in custody of the Israeli military.
The Motanabi school has been a recent area of unrest, specifically during the times of day when the school starts and ends, the times when the Palestinian children are coming and going.

“We have phone calls now when these incidents occur of parents calling us and telling us their children will not be going to school today,” said Hisham Qawasmeh, the principal of the school. “Last year it wasn’t as bad, but now we have soldiers here all the time. They say they saw kids throwing stones, but our kids can’t throw stones from here to where they are at – it’s too far.”