Happy New Year from Hebron!

For Christmas eve the team took the day off and spent the evening in Bethlehem with a few of our local friends from Hebron. We had dinner outside looking onto Manager Square where the Christmas tree, lights and performances were taking place. We shared shisha, hot chocolates and listened to carols in Manager Square. It was a lovely night and special to spend it together as a team.

We were back in Hebron on Christmas Day. We had an open house and cooked a meal for our friends. We had a lovely afternoon cooking as a team and sharing a meal together. It was nice to be able to host people who have shown us unending hospitality!

For New Years eve we were invited to our colleague’s house for dinner. It was a wonderful evening!

As we walked home that night we came across six paratroopers at 11:00 pm, ambushing cars in the Old City.
This was a strong reminder of the oppression, daily restrictions and constant harassment that Palestinians face and will continue to face this year.

We hope this year brings more peace and less occupying.

We hope this year brings strength, resistance, resilience and hope.

We hope this year brings morally brave politicians and leaders, here and around the world.

We hope this year brings us closer to a peaceful world and further from war and occupation.

Best of wishes, strength and wisdom to you all this New Year!

Some food from our Chrismas Party in Hebron

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