UPDATE: Israeli Paratroopers detain 14 year old boy


At 2 am, in the middle of the night, the parents of this 14-year-old boy received a phone call. They were able to go and collect their son after the Israeli soldiers detained him for 5 and a half hours. He was not charged. He was not taken to the police station. He had been detained at the military base the whole time.


Last night at 8:30pm two young boys were stopped by six Israeli Paratrooper soldiers on the streets of the Old City in Hebron. Both boys were detained and made to sit against the wall because the soldiers claimed they threw stones. The soldiers focused on one of the boys, a 14-year-old. He was forced to the ground by at least four soldiers and wrestled on the ground for some minutes as the soldiers tried to tie his hands behind his back. Restraining him with excessive force. As this boy was led of, the second was ignored and allowed to go free.

The soldiers manhandled him as they took him to their base at Bab al-Baledeya. He was detained in front of the gate for some minutes with parents and others trying to have him released. The soldiers then took him into the base area. From there no one knew where the boy was taken. Originally six soldiers were involved; but, during the incident, the number of soldiers involved varied from six to fourteen. The soldiers wouldn’t give the family or international monitors any information. At times the soldiers seemed to be out of control. When told that this boy was 14 years old, they said they did not care about his age, ‘he threw a stone’. 

After the older boy was taken to the gate in front of the base, a group of soldiers chased off some gathered young men and proceeded on a patrol of the Old City. Then a third boy who was passing was stopped and led to the base at Bab al-Baledeya where he was forced to sit on the ground. Three soldiers stood over him, photographing him. After a few minutes he was released.

The soldiers were very aggressive with all the Palestinian and with the observers. No photographs were obtained due to the soldiers taking away one observers camera and threatening others with arrest. At times, they appeared rather out of control. 

Once more information is found an update will be released. 

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