CPT introduces Palestinian School Children to the Red Hats.

Starting in March, CPT has been entering schools in H2 and introducing them to the work of CPT and letting them know why people wearing Red Hats are at the checkpoints near their schools each morning. This has been an amazing experience that has let the kids know we are there to help, what exactly we stand for, and how they can trust us to make sure they stay safe.


On March 12th, CPT held a meeting, bringing together different organizations to discuss important issues and coordinate the proper responses to Child Detainments and Arrests by the Israeli Forces in the Old City of Hebron. Over 40 people representing International Organizations, the Palestinian Authority, and Humanitarian Relief Agencies collaborated and decided on measures and guidelines to our responses to the illegal, and detrimental, detainments and arrests of children living under Israeli Military Occupation.

As CPT continues its work of nonviolent grassroots support of the Palestinian resistance to the Occupation, we are very happy with this recent work, knowing that we have much more to accomplish alongside our Palestinian Peacemakers.